Rescue Tips

IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE AN INJURED, AT RISK OR ORPHANED CREATURE PLEASE contact a wildlife rehabilitation professional before trying to 'help'.

If the creature is in IMMEDIATE danger (bleeding/on the road, etc), PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

Put the creature in a cardboard box just big enough to hold it, and place in warm, dark, quiet area - the bathtub/shower stall is great.

DO NOT GIVE OR PROVIDE ACCESS TO ANY FOOD OR WATER. Anything given to an injured or dehydrated creature by mouth will likely cause death. This must be handled by a professional, or under professional instruction.

Contact your nearest Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. To reach Elizabeth's Wildlife Center, call (604) 852-9173
Call for drop-off location. To find your nearest rehabilitator check the Links page.

Please be aware that it is harmful, can be dangerous, and is generally illegal to keep any wildlife, alive or dead.

Whenever possible, we always recommend keeping pets indoors as much as you can when you know of a nest in your yard. Remember it is only for a short period of time and before you know it the babies will be able to fend for themselves. Baby birds learn to fly from the ground, so you are bound to find fledglings in the grass. The parents are usually close by, keeping watch for baby!

Elizabeth's Wildlife Center

Mail only to P.O. Box 15015, Sevenoaks
Abbotsford, BC, V2S 8P1

Open daily 9am-5pm
(604) 852-9173
Call for drop-off location


With your donation of $20, $30, $50  a tax deductible receipts can be provided upon request.